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About Gold Standard Website Design

Gold Standard Website Design is a full-service creative web design agency founded by Robyn Hunter. Serious about making a real difference to the way business brands are communicated, they offer a holistic approach to their clients business. Viewing the business as a whole helps them identify the most appropriate digital solution for each client’s needs.

They view completing their clients’ websites as the beginning of a relationship, not the end. By taking a proactive approach, they are able to suggest action that will maintain or improve a client’s website’s performance as internal and external environments change.

Communication with their clients is extremely important and they can always be assured of a personal service when they call. As a result, clients are involved at every step of the development process.


We have been externally accredited by Web Accreditation, and follow their code of ethics, which are:

  • To be honest and transparent in all forms of professional communications.
  • To accept responsibility for the actions, whether it is in verbal, physical or written form.
  • To avoid the use of false or misleading statements that may cause harm or damage to a fellow professionals reputation, property or person.
  • To always be respectful to a fellow professional’s work and give full credit when it is due.

As a member, we must:

  • Understand and accept that we are representing Web Accreditation at all times, and are answerable to them for our actions.
  • Never use our accredited member status to gain an unfair advantage.
  • Always be realistic and honest when discussing, and agreeing on goals, budgets, quotes and time-frames with a client.
  • Take full responsibility for our actions at all times, without trying to cover up errors.
  • Always support the final decision of the Web Accreditation board of directors.

We are a web design company you can trust. You will be in safe hands with us.

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